Our team

Our R &D team is the heart and essence of our company, which develops a variety of quality products setting us apart from our competitors. The team is composed of well-educated, self-motivated and experienced professionals. They have good master of knowledge about PVC or PU leather-building chemicals, hence deeply understand all their chemical and physical attributes contributing to various aspects of artificial leather properties and quality. Their frequent communication with designers and technicians from our customers endows them valuable information of fashion trend with respect to construction and physical properties of PVC and PU leather, which ensures that they always stand on the fashion frontier and develop products meeting market needs. 


Our customer-oriented R&D is focusing on the following two objectives.


1. Transform industry designers’ ideas into products.


Industry designers take lead not only in fashion but novel functionality of artificial leather in end products. They occasionally approach us with their brilliant ideas of new artificial leather properties, and our R&D professionals always take these ideas and thoughts seriously and provide solutions by all means. After fully understanding of the requirements on color, pattern, texture, construction, physical properties and compliance to specific environment regulations, they diligently screen, test and select appropriate backing fabrics, resin and other chemicals, optimize process pipelines, and determine settings or parameters. The prototype products will be conscientiously checked and tested, visually and instrumentally compared with the specifications and requirements. The chemical recipes and settings or parameters will be adjusted accordingly until our customers are 100% satisfied.  


2. Innovate and design superior products to separate our company from the others.


Our R&D plays an important role in our mandate to lead the industry. Artificial leather manufacturing is well known to be a multidisciplinary industry, involving chemistry, engineering, and process technology, to say the least. To gain and maintain our competitiveness,our R&D members keep abreast with any advancement made in these relevant fields, and translate them into the improvement of our products. These efforts are directed towards our ultimate goal to meet industry increasingly stringent expectations, making our artificial leather outperform real leather in visual and physical properties. Being aware that unhealthy chemical compounds have been among our customers’ concern, we are extremely careful in choosing raw chemical material, leaving those notorious compounds in our products nonexistent, or less detectable than that specific environment regulations require.  




To supplement our capacity in designing and developing novel artificial leather varieties, we have a tradition of working with other institutions to promote our R&D efficiency. The focuses of these institutions include but not limited to the following fields:

(1)   Applied science of plastics

(2)   Polymer chemistry

(3)   Textile material science

(4)   Composite material science

(5)   Artificial leather manufacturing technology

(6)   Factory pollution control technology